Rolf, der Bücherheld

Rolf, The Book Hero

Luisa Jung & Heidi Viherjuuri

Kunstanstifter, 2021

Rolf's life as a sexton is rather monotonous. People used to come from far away to see his church, but nowadays he spends most of his time only in the company of church mice. Suddenly as the town is flooded his church must be used as an emergency library. Rolf finally gets the chance he has been waiting for. Now he can show everyone that he can be a true hero!

“Rolf, der Bücherheld” talks about the importance of friendship, courage and joint action in order to be able to overcome times of crisis. In 2018, this book's illustrations were granted the Excellence Award of the 3rd Global Illustration Awards on the category Unpublished Children’s Book at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Translation from Finnish: Sarah Onkels

Book design: Suse Kopp

ISBN: 978-3-942795-97-5